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Joon Tervakari is a film producer, an editor and the owner of Finnish production company Tarasow Films.

After completing his studies in editing and directing from Tampere University of Applied Sciences, he has worked broadly on the field of tv, film,art and commercials both as an editor and a producer. His knowledge and understanding on the production process from early on until the final master has taken him working with all kinds of genres from artistic documentaries to commercial films, and everything in between.

Joon has been nominated for a Finnish film award for Best Editing in 2012, and has produced and distributed theatrical features There Will Be Spring (fiction, 2020) and The Other Voice (documentary, 2022).

Annika Grof

Annika Grof

Director, scriptwriter | +358 50 344 4264

Annika Grof is a Swedish-born Finnish screenwriter and film director.

She has been working as a director, scriptwriter, developer, dramatist and funding expert in film, tv and commercial productions since 2006. Award-winning author has created and conceptualized successful series for the Finnish audience and has also directed three theatrical films in addition to other artistic work.

As a filmmaker, Annika has the power to show even the strangest nuances of the human mind and combine them into a very natural narration. In addition to her MA degree in film, she also holds a MA degree in scientific research. This is reflected in her extensive, rigorous and passionate way to research themes of each work.

Annika's latest film works are a timeless epoch fiction There Will Be Spring (2020), that got its international premiere at Midnight Sun Film Festival in June 2021, and an edgy and popping collage documentary The Other Voice (2022) . One of her best known films is Within Limits (2009) that has become a classic of Finnish documentary film. Currently Annika is writing her new feature fiction Jone Boy.


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