There Will Be Spring will have  THE INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE at the noted Midnight Sun Film Festival. Festival is an online event due the Covid-19 pandemic, and they’re opening our film to the whole world for a while. Tickets for Midnightsun Film Festival’s online screening can be purchased here:…/syksyn-jalkeen…/ ..only 4,50€!

The film will be available for five days starting at Thursday, June 16th. 9:00 PM (UTC+3).

There Will Be Spring is harrowing drama about people broken by war at the end of 1940’s Finland. Young Anni and her family flee home as Russian battlefront is getting closer. Life in new community in intern Finland is embroidered by prejudice between the Orthodox family and Lutheran locals. Hatred don’t stop Anni’s sensual awakening and desire for married local man disguised by her family. She doesn’t understand though why he doesn’t give himself entirely to her. Secret seems to be safe until harmless hay robbery leads to consequences that couldn’t be predicted just when spring is bursting out.

Syksyn jälkeen saapuu kevät / There Will Be Spring