The Flying Fish is in the Official Selection of SEFF 2018, Smaragdni Eco Film Festival! That is going to be on 4th – 9th of June 2018 in Hravatska Kostjanica, Croatia

The Flying Fish is nominated for a Best Documentary Short at Barcelona Planet Film Festival 2018!

Our documentary is selected into the programme of Matsalu Nature Film Festival 2017. Festival will be on 20-24.9.2017 in Estonia

The Flying Fish in the Official Selection of The XXI International Ecological Film Festival – To Save and Preserve 2017! The Festival is on 4th – 9th of June 2017, in Khanty-Mansiysk, West Siberia.

The Flying Fish is screening next in Santiago, Chile!

In the Official Selection of Felacos Festival de Largos y Cortos de Santiago 10.3.2017-12.3.2017

BAFF is traveling to Hong Kong for promotion of the films in Official Selection of Busan Art Film Festival 2016. The Flying Fish documentary is going to be presented by BAFF at Hong Kong Financing Forum from 13th to 16th March, 2017.

The Flying Fish in the Official Selection of BAFF Busan International Art Film Festival 2017! Festival is located in South Korea, it`s our Asia premiere!

Great news for The Flying Fish at Moondance 2016, USA! Our film was nominated for the best short documentary.

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The Flying Fish