Filmmaker Ilkka Rautio was charmed by this old Koverhar steel factory at Hanko village. Actually Hanko is city, but it’s so tiny and cozy city next to the sea that it feels like village.

This old cinematic factory building has it own destiny which is defined by the changes of the structure of Finnish society. Ilkka started to film documentary of this Koverhar factory – the metamorphosis of tiny city.

Koverhar – luova tuho? / Koverhar – kreativ förstörelse? / Koverhar – creative destruction?

What kind of destruction is unemployed’s destruction? How will the decision-makers solve the future of Koverhar factory? The factory had bankruptcy and the old workers and the decision-makers of the city are dealing the feelings of the bankruptcy and try to lookout to the future. Is the destruction of the factory the final one or is there any future for creating something new for the society. How will the economist’s comment creative destruction come thru for basic steel factory worker.

Documentary film, 28 min
Client: YLE FEM
Production: Tarasow Films / Ilkka Rautio & Joon Tervakari
Director & script: Ilkka Rautio
Cinematographers: Jan-Niclas Jansson, Paco Bouzza
Still pictures: Johnny Karlsson

Luova tuho / Creative Destruction