Our newest drama film project JOSE will be presented to the public at this fall’s Finnish Films Affair. The JOSE film project is part of the Fiction in Development series, the Showcase event will be held at Helsinki Bio Rex on Thursday 23 September. at 12.45. So see you there!

JOSE is a suspense drama about guilt and its power to shape love and destinies. The story begins as Jone (28) appears in his small hometown after years of absence. It’s been three years since his little brother died after committing suicide. As Jone confronts his mother (59), he finds out that because of the stigma, she has no option but to move out of town. Jone’s arrival starts to bring out memories of a crime, and about a 15-year-old Jose, who police, local media, and finally the whole town condemned. As Jone helps his mourning mother pack, the real reasons behind Jose’s death and Jone’s return begin to open up. The more the truth breaks out, the more useless young Jose’s death appears. The death, which unpredictably ties together four people and their painful memories.

Writer & Director: Annika Grof
Script Grants: Taike, Finnish Film Foundation

The Finnish Film Affair is the industry event and an international showcase of Finnish films. Read from Variety about this years FFA!