Annika Grof and Asta Sveholm at Season Film Festival’s Female Desire -panel

The screenwriter-director Annika Grof and actor Asta Sveholm, of the feature film There Will Be Spring will start the panel moderated by Elina Vitkala! See you all in Bio Rex on Thursday 28th!

Female Desire
THURSDAY 28TH OF MARCH, BIO REX, HELSINKI. From 12.30 pm to 4 pm.

For the sixth year in a row WIFT Finland, WIFT Nordic and Season Film Festival are hosting a topical seminar on the most discussed phenomenon in the Finnish cinema culture. This year’s seminar focuses on the presentation of female sexual power and sexual desire on screen.

The seminar will look into creating narratives and female characters that provide a broad and empowering representation of female sexuality on screen as well as research on the topic and the effects of female sexual representation in the Finnish cinema. With these themes the organisers aim to further the feministic debate about gender equality and broaden the discussion on female sexual representation and sexual desire on screen after the #metoo movement.

Among the seminar panelists are actor Asta Sveholm, director-screenwriter Annika Grof, author Katja Kallio, director-screenwriter Saara Cantell and Senior Specialist Marjo Kovanen.

The panel is organised by WIFT Finland ry, WIFT Nordic and Season Film Festival and it is sponsored by SELO ry Association of Finnish Film Directors, Finnish Playwrights and
Screenwriters Guild; and the Union of Film and Media Employees in Finland. The seminar is financed by Svenska Kulturfonden and the Nordic Culture Point.

Free admission. The seminar will be webstreamed on WIFT Finland’s Youtube channel:

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