Fixed combo of passionate professionals who have worked together for years.

J. Tervakari

Owner, Producer, Editor +358 40 502 2994
Connect with J.:

Joon Tervakari is a Finnish film producer, editor and a founder of film production company Tarasow Films ltd. They studied film editing and directing in Tampere University of Applied Sciences and graduated in 2008. During their career Joon has worked as an editor on numerous film, tv and commercial productions and has handled wide range of genres with both documentary and fictional materials. They was nominated for Jussi Award in the category of editing (Almost 18, Huh Huh Film) in 2012. Four years later they responded to demand and ended up producing films and commercials within their own company. This, who-thinks-is-the-offspring-of-the-samurais, is pedantic film editor and crazy harsh work attituded producer. Working with best professionals and squeezing the final result to it’s ultimate best result is the top priorities for them.

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Annika Grof

Director, scriptwriter +358 50 344 4264
Connect with Annika:

Since 2010 we have worked more or less all the time with Annika in different projects. She is made from iron what comes to work as a director with visual results and strong stories with emotional cinematic style. She’s talented to get along with people which is really good thing if you want someone to identify to your film.

Annika’s motivation to actively work in the field of motion picture and television has been high from the get go. She graduated from University of Industrial Arts Helsinki as a movie director and has worked years since in the field. Positions as AD, feed director, cinematographer and sound engineer all add into knowledge she feels a good director needs.

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Ilkka Rautio

Co-operative filmmaker +358 50 343 8015
Connect with Ilkka:

Ilkka is a sailor who needs to live next to the sea. That’s why he lives in Hanko – the southest cape of Finland surrounded by the Baltic Sea. Maybe because he has survived from many hard places at the sea he also has become a very independent filmmaker who will solve any kind of project to the goal.

He has graduated from the film school with master of arts degree as a documentarist in 2015. Besides he has worked a lot with documentary he has experience from fiction, tv, commercials and installations.

Back in the days Ilkka used to be another owner of Tarasow Films with Joon. They got to know each others at the earlier film school when they studied to be film editors – which is Ilkka’s first profession on field. Nowadays Ilkka has his own production company Moving Heads that co-operates with Tarasow Films in different projects.